How to become a lawyer in bitlife

How To Become a Lawyer in Bitlife? – [Step by Step Guide]

There are numerous jobs in the world, each of which is distinctive from others. Amongst the most professional tasks is that of a lawyer. Aside from doctors, engineers, sportsmen, and other professionals, being a lawyer is one of the most prominent desired occupations amongst students. It takes hard work, effort, and commitment to attain these. Everything takes effort and time, and it is not simple.

If you frequently find yourself daydreaming about what your life would be like if you were in the shoes of those lawyers and if you feel like you would pace the courtroom bench while pleading your argument at the front of the jury and judge, the law seems to be such an efficient occupation.

A future as a lawyer entails respect, status, and a substantial rate of pay. There is a noticeable difference between fantasizing and actually being a lawyer. You’ve probably heard that being a lawyer isn’t all it’s expected to be. You should possess every one of the information before embarking on a career that might have fewer drawbacks than benefits.

Process to become a lawyer in bitlife

BitLife is not actually different from real-life prospects. If you need to be a lawyer in the game, you should work extremely hard from preschool all the way through law school. As previously said, it is not trivial and has some hurdles, but if you manage to keep the appropriate criteria, your vision of being a lawyer and obtaining some of the most renowned occupations with some of the highest earnings in the game may well be fulfilled.

By reading the article, you will be able to visualize your desire of being a lawyer in the actual life simulant game called Bitlife. Keep all of that in mind and, if possible, take down notes.

Start with a decent smartness

Start with a decent smartness

If you want to become a lawyer, you should verify that your character has had at least 80 intellectual ranks or higher. If your character has a smart lesser rate than that, you might make a fresh start. The reason for this is that average even below intelligence wouldn’t get anyone much further in law school. If you have acquired a reasonable intelligence level, it is best to move on to the next prerequisite.

Maintain your existing intelligence level

Aside from beginning out with a reasonable degree of intelligence, your character must also retain that level of intelligence. Several variables must be identified in order to accomplish this. To begin, once you’ve registered in a school, do not even hesitate to visit the library and spend your time studying diligently. If you’re not certain what to do to access it, first go to the game’s Activities area, and then on to the Mind & Body part, the last to the Library option.

The next phase is to browse to the School page, click Primary/Secondary, and then press on Study Harder. It is vital that you cultivate the habit of studying on a regular basis in order to prevent having the lowest level of intelligence.

Get higher education

Get higher education

Once you have completed the high school level, you may very well be eligible to enroll in a university. Since everything is dependent on your grade, the word “might” has been used. If your grades are outstanding enough to get you into varsity, your pathway will be much smoother. If this is not the case when your grades are not satisfactory, you ought to be determined to attend a community college first.  

Once you’ve registered in the university, bear in mind that you must ponder over majoring in Political Sciences. Whether you’re worried about the price of the course and do not be since you may apply for a loan or receive help from your family. The crucial thing you should emphasize is studying and working and keeping a consistent level of intelligence throughout. If you fulfill it satisfactorily, you may be awarded a scholarship.

Successfully complete the Law School

When you have graduated from university with honors, you will then be another step closer to attaining your aim of being a lawyer in the game. This time, you may need to select Law School from the options. If the opportunity is not offered to you, it means you would need to do activities such as studying diligently, boosting your results, and re-check for Law School at a later stage.

Law School has generally been regarded as the most challenging of all schools to go and get enrollment to. There are a few factors that can impact your potential to certify, and some of them are beyond your authority. The most critical consideration is your own intelligence.

Being a lawyer necessitates intelligence, consequently please be observant if you wish to get enrolled in Law School. Another criterion that is frequently overlooked is the study’s subject. If you pick something like art, music, or information and communication technology, you will not be enrolled in law school.

Be a lawyer

Since you’ve achieved excellent grades and graduated from law school, it’s time to start working as a lawyer in BitLife. For those who have passed with top marks, the very first thing you need to do is visit the game’s Occupation menu. Then, browse the Jobs section and look up the job titles. Because you won’t be able to locate a lawyer in the first place, you’ll have to continue working as a Law Clerk. Working as a Law Clerk isn’t the only way to have your foot in the door.

You also may serve as a Junior Associate or partner. Once selecting one of these professions, you might steadily but consistently work your way up to the Partner level.

Career steps 

These are the crucial criteria for establishing a career as a lawyer:

  1. University: English or Political Science
  2. Higher Education: Law School
  3. Job: Law Firm (Anything)
  4. Experience: 30 years (More or less)
  5. New Job: Magistrate (Municipal)
  6. Possess a high IQ (at least 80 % ).

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