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Should I Get a Lawyer For a Minor Car Accident | Explained

After a rough day, you’re waiting at a red light. You’re reaching down to adjust the channel on the stereo when…BAM! You were struck by some other car that was not giving attention to driving. You both get out of their cars to assess the situation. You’re both alright, and the damage to your vehicles is slight. It’s been a rough day, so you decided against calling the cops to make a report or exchanging any info with them. Is there any necessity to create such a huge deal out of this? Maybe we can stop caring about it and move on with our lives. And anyway, you just want to get back to your house. As a result, you depart but with frustration. That was your initial, and maybe the most serious misstep you could have taken.

It is unlawful in most states to neglect to lodge a police complaint following a car accident, even if it is only a minor collision. Once you’re in your car and leave, it becomes a notable infraction.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t agree. you were hurt or if the cars were not damaged. Even if it’s simply a little car accident, that’s still an unfortunate incident.

It’s also far more challenging to find the basic facts right once you leave the site of a car collision. Even a minor car accident may end up badly. So, whether you want to employ a lawyer after a small car accident or not, this is your chance. Before leaving the premises, you must consider contacting the police. You might just have damaged whatever prospective complaint you had against the other driver, apart from the legality of the situation, even though your vehicle is undamaged. Here’s the issue:

Unnoticeable Injuries 

According to studies, a person might incur a wide variety of conditions in small vehicle accidents that don’t manifest themselves for days after the occurrence. You’re struck from behind, but just slightly startled, and you’re alright. You don’t appear to be injured, and you’d know if you were, really shouldn’t you? Not all of the time. Broken ribs, cuts and bruises, and even neck injuries are common “injuries” that people think of. Our thoughts turn to life-threatening situations. Staining tendons, twisted ligaments, and contusions aren’t typically considered, but they should be.

You may wake up with significant backaches today or the next day if your body pushed forward, your neck jerked back, or you pushed forward suddenly. The burst of adrenaline that occurs after an accident may disguise the damage. Many personal injury lawyers will urge you to see a doctor right away to check out any hidden issues. Although you have a healthcare practitioner on your hand, you will have a tough time getting your personal injury to trial if you move away from the site and neglect to submit a complaint with either the cops or your insurance (or both).

Should I Get a Lawyer For a Minor Car Accident

The “Other” Individual

What if you swapped info with the other driver, shook hands, and continued on your way without informing the authorities about the minor car accident?

You’re summoned to court a few days later because the “other” person has brought his own lawsuit against you. You know they were guilty, and you know the wounds and loss of property they allege you inflicted are overstated, if not completely untrue. Remember when you decided to leave without lodging a complaint? You’ve now firmly entrenched yourself in a “you say, they say” scenario.

In reality, most of these outfits won’t take you quite far. After all, the other person had already left the spot. But do you really want to deal with the bother and effort it will take to respond to the summoning, maybe attend hearings, and fight on your side when you know you were correct? You probably have

Other significant things to do. You should not confess wrongdoing or expose policy boundaries, you should  Be cautious of what you speak and do.

 minor car accident

What to do If you’re involved in a minor car accident?

Perhaps neither you nor the other person drove away from the small car collision. Perhaps slight harm to both of your vehicles caused you to second-guess yourself, prompting you to submit a police complaint. Your insurance companies get your paperwork, and the other person is judged to be responsible. Their insurance company makes you an offer, which you accept. It appears to be the simplest option, and it will allow you to get your car repaired soon. But hold on a second. You believe you have an ailment, maybe a concussion because the compensation was insufficient to repair your car.

If you take an insurance settlement, the papers will almost certainly state that you are relinquishing your right to pursue legitimate action in the future. It’s fairly uncommon for someone to feel that an insurance company provides fair service — and it’s also not uncommon for that belief to be incorrect.

Even in a minor car accident, you should consult a personal injury lawyer before taking any reimbursement. They can assist you in obtaining the most recompense for your lawsuit. You won’t have to pay for your car or health care on your own this way. But before you go, keep in mind these ten things to avoid doing following a car accident:

  • Choosing to leave an accident spot without notifying the authorities: Leaving the site of a minor vehicle accident without contacting the police is a serious mistake, as we indicated in the remarks before. In a minor car accident case, the police record will be utilized to assist the court in approving the claimant the proper damages.
  • Failure to collect evidence on the spot: Get as many photographs as you can, gather as much contact information as you can, and seek as many statements as you can from others in the area, and then let your car accident lawyer decide what’s crucial and what isn’t. try to  Simply try to gather evidence all you will still be at the accident scene.
  • Accepting fault: Never confess as responsible in a minor vehicle accident, even if you feel you are at mistake. The truth is that you can’t possibly know who’s to blame from your point of view, and you’re just trying to work out what happened to shape your viewpoint. Never confess to making a mistake. Allow your lawyer and the investigators to determine who is to blame and how much comparable liability is involved.
  • Not visiting a physician: If you believe you are injured in an accident, you must be visiting a doctor immediately. If you don’t, and you suffer pain as a result of the small car accident, it may be hard to link them to the event rather than to general wear and tear, making compensation much more challenging.
  • Missing benefits of PIP: Keep in mind that Personal Injury Protection is required in Florida, and it is designed to ensure that you are covered in the case of a car accident. If you’ve been in a small car accident, don’t feel obligated to not file a claim under this insurance coverage.
  • Inability to understand insurance company’s policy: Insurance companies want to gather and keep as much money as possible while handing out far less than possible (in theory). As a result, if you submit a claim, they will attempt to sort for less if feasible.
  • Not examining the police statement: You must study the official report to ensure that the data included therein are true and that you accept them; if you disagree, do your utmost to express your dissatisfaction immediately away and have any and all modifications made as early as possible before submitting.
  • Getting the first settlement check given: As with most negotiations, the first coffer would be the least the insurance company believes they can give to appease you while also guaranteeing they are not paying over the odds in their assessment and to save as much profit as possible on the settling of a car accident.
  • Trying to handle your case yourself: While you may believe that a small vehicle accident does not merit the services of a car accident lawyer, we can safely state that clients who engage competent lawyers receive settlement checks that are on average three times bigger than those who do not.
  • Not getting a lawyer for a car accident: We think it is to your greatest advantage to engage a car accident lawyer as quickly as possible for any and all mentioned reasons above.
awyers’ availability without any charge

Lawyers’ availability without any charge

Although every lawyer will charge you money, nearly every personal injury lawyer works on a conditional basis. This implies they deduct their fee from the settlement they obtain on your behalf. So you don’t owe them anything even if they don’t reach a deal on your side.

Even better, during the following criteria, most will chat with you for free. You may schedule a consultation with an expert car accident lawyer, discuss any compensation offers you’ve received, and inquire about your legal rights under existing state legislation.

This implies that cost will not be a decisive factor in your decision to choose a lawyer. It also means that you should get legal advice from a vehicle accident lawyer right away following the occurrence. You fight to get more advantages than you get to lose

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